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As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of quality dry ice to the hospitality, education and leisure industries, we have the experience and product quality to deliver quickly and efficiently.

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Why Choose Dry Ice?

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Dry ice is completely colourless, meaning it won't discolour food or beverage products.
Dry ice is completely odourless, so it won't affect the aroma of carefully crafted food and beverages
Dry ice is completely tasteless, so you can use it alongside food and drink without the risk of it impairing the flavours.
Dry Ice is bacteriostatic, meaning bacteria cannot reproduce within it, so it's perfectly safe to use with food & beverages.
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Dry Ice For Education

Dry Ice has a wide variety of applications, including for educational purposes such as chemistry science experiments. We can supply direct to any school or local authority on any date specified to ensure that the handling of dry ice is straight forward and has a great impact within lessons.

For any public sector organisation, we can arrange payment on invoice with flexible terms – simply contact our friendly team today and we’ll be glad to discuss your requirements with you.

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