Dry Ice Safety

Dry Ice, when handled correctly and with care, is perfectly safe to use. We highly recommend that before using dry ice in any application, you read our safety guidelines below and familiarise yourself with the handling instructions. If you have any questions about the handling, storage or overall safety of dry ice, please contact us.

Always Use Gloves

Never handle dry ice with your bare hands, it can cause serious frostbite and damage skin. Always use thermal gloves or mits.

Keep Away from Children

Dry Ice should be kept away from children, unless properly supervised. Do not play games with dry ice, it is dangerous.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Use only with proper ventilation down to the floor. Do not store or use dry ice in cellars, or rooms with little or no ventilation. Dry ice is an asphyxiant. 

Use Correct Containers

Use only proper dry ice storage containers. Do not place dry ice in hermetically sealed containers, fridges or freezers.

Transporting Dry Ice

When transporting, the dry ice must be kept in complete isolation from the driver. Never transport dry ice in the cab of a lorry or passenger compartment of a car. It is also advisable never to leave the dry ice in a car unattended. If this happens, fully ventilate the car before using.