MistyStix for Smoking Drinks

  • A safe, easy way to use Dry Ice with a wide range of drinks
  • Creates a spectacular smoking & bubbling effect
  • Simply place dry ice in the stix, close, and place in the drink
  • MistyStix are re-useable and easy to clean
  • To order, simply choose your quantity in the checkout page when ordering your dry ice!
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Ensure hook is attached to the top of the MistyStix, and lay flat.

Use tongs to place dry ice into the MistyStix, being careful not to touch the dry ice itself

Securely close the capsule to enclose the dry ice in the MistyStix (squeeze to re-open the capsules)

Place MistyStix in the drink, using the hook to secure to the side of the glass where possible.

How To Order MistyStix

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  • 10 Stix – £10.00
  • 25 Stix – £20.00
  • 50 Stix – £37.50
  • 100 Stix – £69.00
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