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Simply select the quantity of dry ice you require below. At the checkout page you’ll be able to select your preferred delivery day, to ensure your dry ice arrives only when you need it.

Dry Ice is will be delivered by our specialist courier and packaged in insulated boxes that reduce the sublimation rate of the product, and can be used for storage on arrival. Please note, the weight stated is the weight on dispatch. Due to sublimation, the amount received will be less.


5kg – £34.99
10kg – £44.00
15kg – £54.00
20kg – £64.00

30kg – £84.00
40kg – £104.00
50kg – £124.00

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Health & Safety Data Sheet

Please ensure that before using dry ice for any purpose, you download and carefully read the health and safety data sheet, by clicking the button to the right. By purchasing dry ice from Shout Dry Ice, you are confirming that you have read and understood this information.


ALWAYS store dry ice in an area which is:
• Well ventilated.
• Preferably not below ground.
• Accessible with mechanical lifting equipment (where the ice is stored in large containers).
• Out of direct sunlight and sources of heat.
• Secure – to prevent unauthorised access.

Generally, the principle is – the better the insulation, the slower the sublimation rate and the longer the quality of the product will be maintained.

Safe Disposal

Dry ice sublimates leaving no residue. However, care should be taken when surplus ice remains when the application for which it was intended is completed.
• ALWAYS ensure that dry ice is disposed of in a safe place:
• Well-ventilated area
• Secured against access to passers-by – especially children and animals
• DO NOT dispose of dry ice in an area where CO2 gas can collect in low-lying areas – garage pits, drains, confined spaces, etc.

Any left-over packaging should be disposed of with care and recycled wherever possible.

Working With Dry Ice

  • Many applications of dry ice result in the sublimation of the dry ice
    volume into the working area.
  • A little bit of dry ice will sublime to a large volume of CO2 gas.
  • Always seek professional advice on suitable ventilation systems.
  • Use of dry ice will generate gaseous CO2, this may require assessment under the UK COSHH Regulations.
  • Do not handle dry ice with bare hands. It can cause severe cold burns and frostbite.
  • Do not play with dry ice. Playing games with dry ice is dangerous.
  • Always keep dry ice away from children.

Choose the quantity of dry ice you require from the drop down menu above, then simply ‘add to cart’ and proceed to the checkout.

At the checkout, select your delivery date – make sure it’s near to when you’re planning to use the dry ice.

Our couriers, APC, will deliver the dry ice direct to your door and we’ll send you the tracking details by email.

Saturday Deliveries

Please note that Saturday deliveries will have an additional service charge associated, depending on the delivery method available to your address:

Local Deliveries – £25.00 + VAT
Courier Deliveries – £30.00 + VAT

Saturday deliveries cannot be booked through our website, you must contact us first to confirm availability and make payment separately.

Deliveries are always on time and as specified, couldn’t be happier with the service we’ve received from Shout Dry Ice and we’ll continue to order – not just for the price!
David Johnson
Spirit Bars
Always received great service from Shout, always available at the end of a phone in case of any questions or variations to our delivery. Very impressed!
Stephen Crane
Advent Ventures

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